Paul is a graphic fine artist, member of The Arborealists and curator, who works exclusively in graphite. Extensive walking, close observation and research about land and ‘place’ are integral to his practice.

He has exhibited at Messums Wiltshire, the Royal West of England Academy and with the Society of Graphic Fine Art in London as well as numerous Open exhibitions in South West England including RWA Drawn, Bath Society of Artists Annual Opens and various Open Studio events.

He is also a curator and has helped organise many exhibitions including ‘The Transformed Land’, which collected work from various artists interested in place- some frequently return to the same place, others are visitors, some are residents, and some are creators of imagined places.

Here you can find information about his work, exhibitions and news with an insight into his process through ‘graphite and granite’. Cards and reproductions of some of his work are available under ‘shop’.


Drawing in Horner Woods. (photo Davina Jelley)