In December, I will be taking part in several exhibitions including 12 Days, which I have also curated:

12 Days flyer

Two pieces, ‘In the Margins’ and ‘Cloud Study: towards Ridge Hill’ have been selected for ‘A Wessex Scene‘ at Messums Wiltshire

“A Wessex Scene is a celebration of the location that we are situated in, both immediately and further afield. This exhibition brings together the sublime countryside scenery with the artists it has inspired and influenced; painters as dynamic and far-ranging as Elisabeth Frink and Philip Wilson Steer. As such, A Wessex Scene will also constitute an art historical map of the surrounding area. A remarkable collection of paintings, drawings and etchings which illustrate the rich history of the ancient south-western region.”

Exhibition Saturday 2 December – Sunday 31 December

I will have two views of Haytor on Dartmoor on show for ‘Wish List’ at Andelli Art.

Andelli Art Website


Kobi & Teal ‘Mixing Signals’

In November and December I’ll be showing in good company with 22 other artists as part of ‘Mixing Signals’ at Kobi & Teal in Frome, Somerset. I’m very pleased that ‘A Confluence of Waters’ has been selected as part of a beautifully-curated show in their gallery at the top of Catherine Hill. They also have a great selection of interior products, objects and artworks from independent designers, makers and artists.

Kobi & Teal website

Mixing Signals Poster_PN_Kobi and Teal

Somerset Art Weeks

I have been invited to show at Cotley Tithe Barn, near Chard as part of this year’s Somerset Art Weeks Festival. I’ll be showing with thirteen other artists, responding to the Barn and it’s environs, at Venue 92.


Screenshot 2017-09-14 20.31.11

In July I will have work featured in FIFTY BEES: The Interconnectedness of All Things, at ACEArts in Somerset. Curated by Somerset-based fibre artist Lydia Needle, Lydia has crafted fifty ‘bee pieces’ in wool. Fifty artists and makers responded to the biodiversity of each bee- mine was Andrena ferox (Oak Mining Bee).


Queen of the Woods
Queen of the Woods, 2017

In March I will curate ‘The Transformed Land‘ at The Brewhouse in Taunton, Somerset. Invited artists present work which will discuss place; how we change it and how it shapes us.

Participating artists:

David Daniels, Russell Denman, Andrew George, Eleanor Goulding, Andrew Lansley, Jason Miller, Paul Newman, Linn O’Carroll, Howard Phipps, Jennifer Newbury, David Smith, Clive Walley, Deborah Westmancoat.

Each artist has been asked to provide a statement which illustrates their response to the places they work with and what it means to them and there will be an introductory text by Jenny Newbury which explores some of the themes behind the show.

Link to ‘The Transformed Land’ exhibition video



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