walking and writing

This page features notes from  my sketchbooks and walks and provides an insight into my working process

There are also links to other writing including a series of walks produced for The Bridport Times with Emma Tabor between 2018- 2020, as well other blog posts.

Foggintor Quarry, work in progress (detail)

Somerset Art Works Blog

Since January 2020 I have been writing monthly blog posts for Somerset Art Works covering different aspects of the organisation’s work. You can read the posts on the Somerset Art Works website here.


Walking West Dorset

From January 2018- June 2020, monthly walks were published in The Bridport Times. The walks delved into the network of ancient lanes, pathways and tracks in this secretive corner of West Dorset, accompanied by hand drawn maps, notes and photos. You can see online copies of the publication here

The walks were republished in The Sherborne Times from 2020 and in autumn 2022, new walks were featured, completing the set which had been originally planned. A book of favourite walks will appear in 2023.

Corvid Calls

I was asked to write a blog post for Seven Fables Dulverton about my experience of Lockdown, time out and curtailed adventures, You can my read thoughts on Lockdown and the work that emerged from it in the post here

Seven Fables Dulverton– Ex Libris

I was asked to contribute to Ex Libris, by Seven Fables Dulverton and share the following with them:

‘What publication would you like to tuck into your pocket to be engulfed by the golden flames of your funeral pyre…’

We spent a few hours discussing influences and inspiration in the depths of Horner Wood on Exmoor as well as revealing my choice. You can discover the answer on their beautiful  …and if you are on Exmoor do call in and see them!

Horner Woods

Tyneham House

In 2015 I was allowed access to Tyneham Manor House, within the MOD firing ranges at Lulworth in Dorset. Here is a selection of some of the sketchbook responses from that visit.

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