Longer drawings are made using a variety of pencil grades and more rapid pieces are created with clutch pencils and erasers. Soft tones are continually blended and overlaid and built up in layers. Observations, notes and sketches are made whilst out walking and I use photography as another tool to develop ideas, working on the final piece when back in the studio.

Please enquire by email to check on availability.

Haytor, late summer, 21 x 18 cm, © Paul Newman 2010


20 thoughts on “gallery

  1. I have come to drawing late in life and, while your work is easily superior to mine, I find we are moored happily in the same style. Thank you for sharing your work and your experience. Much appreciated.


      • Thank you so much for your kind reply. My wife and I live in Maine, in the US, but we are good friends with Jane and John Sleigh and have been to Bristol to visit them a number of times. We understand that you have all recently had a new grandson enter your life—congratulations!


  2. Hi Paul, are you still teaching. I gave just got two students into SCAT aka Bridgwater & Taunton. Showed them some of your work and I am hoping that your drawings will give inspiration to one of them who is most definitely talented in fine art, but sadly didn’t get enough GCSEs to do the A level so going for level 2 A&D for one year. Nice to see you work on sale around and about. I still have a chrdistmas date from you from when we studied for pgce. Your work is still amazing. I have also started taking art lessons finally. If only I could ever draw like you!


    • Nice to hear from you! All going well, finally managed to get my work ‘out there’ and am now also involved helping organise Somerset Art Weeks. I’ve done some bits and pieces with SPAEDA too- I seem to be happy seeing where this goes, there’s no grand plan! Glad to hear the work might be of inspiration to others. Hope all is well with you?


    • Thank you- I don’t give tutorials but the best advice I can give is practice and be open to constructive criticism and then make changes! I use all grades of pencil, an electric sharpener and Bristol Board which enables the detail. Observation and measuring are key.


  3. I own a watercolor painting of a old multi-sailed sailing ship signed “Paul Newman 83” and am unable to determine which Paul Newman di the work. Any chance you are the artist?


  4. Lots of work here Paul that i have never seen before. You go from strength to strength. Would love to meet up again sometime in the not too distant future


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